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Common issues with email?

Email is part of our daily life and an essential communication tool for business. How would you manage without it? What if something went wrong?


Not only is your email system safe and secure, it is always running which means you’ll always be able to keep in touch with your customer

There are a number of common email issues that might affect your business, such as:

 ■ Losing time and customers due to server downtime
 ■ Rising costs of trying to fix issues
 ■ Increased stress worrying about virus attacks
■ Unable to locate important emails
■ Server space being filled by junk email

 These issues can not only put a financial strain on your business, they can also take up valuable time to resolve. This time could be spent growing your business, keeping your customers happy and winning more sales.

Managed Email consists of three separate services that can be combined to provide a total solution to these common issues, keeping your email safe, secure and always running.


Anti-virus protection
Spam detection
Allows genuine emails



Cloud based system
Keeps email working
Less risk of data loss



No email ever lost
Easy to search
Frees up server space


Set up is quick and easy as there is no hardware or software to install. All it takes is a quick phone call to our Managed Email team. They will discuss your requirements and then come and visit your offices to set things up. They can even do this remotely if you prefer